The aim of the workshop is meeting with creator and his extraordinary wealth of artistic activities. It would not be Joszko, as an artist, and his work if would not exist a great culture, source, where the musician grew up.

Thanks this culture, we can participate in the workshops, which are a unique opportunity to see exotic instruments - make it so unusual instruments, such as leaves, straw, reed,nearly four-meter trembita, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, stone and clay ocarinas, harp, sheep shofar, shofar of antelope , playing statues of Joseph WilkoĊ„ , and many others . Unusually and mysteriously as these names of instruments so unusual is the ability to look at the instruments and listen to sounds of them. It turns out that using the simplest instrument of such leaves, you can put the listener in the inspiring world of live music.

Joszko benefits from the experience of many generations of musicians associated with the cultural circle of the Carpathians. His father, Joseph gave him a passion for these unusual instruments, and what deserves to be highlighted, revealed to him the secrets of the construction of these specific works of art.

Workshop participants have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with the construction of the instruments, a way of playing them, hear their sound. Find out what is the story of their creation.

But this is not the only purpose of the workshop. Music is a tool through which we can discover our cultural circle. The meeting is encouraged to ask the questions: Who am I? What is the value hiding in the place where I live? Through its activities Joszko shows that culture can be an endless source of inspiration not only for the professional music, but for every human being.

Workshops are designed both for children and young people or adults. An added attraction is the ability to enrich a presentation of songs from the Joszko's album, which includes archival recordings (from 50s) - containing songs from the Lublin region performed by folk artists (born in the nineteenth century). Album also presents contemporary arrangements of these themes, recorded in 2007 by Joszka Broda and leading musicians of the Polish scene, with children from rural school.

Joszko Broda through workshops wants to show the participants that the cultural heritage, in particular the music are great values of our nation. There is nothing wrong with be intrested in the ethnic of the world, Africa and the Far East. But not without reason considered folk proverbs as a wisdom - as the saying goes: "Other People's praise, do not know their own!" You may want to find the true beauty and value of music in your country, city where you live, the village from which you come from, your family? These values they need to discover and nurture. We can not deny the culture in which we grew up, because it also built our identity.

Creator of workshop argues that knowledge of his cultural space is crucial for the development of each artist. Based on these experiences he creates great music . And, he says, "Go ahead with it in the world. So do I,and all of my friends - who play American blues, Spanish flamenco. " They know the value of their culture and want to share its beauty with the world.Joszko also proves that the real treasures are at your fingertips. You just have to reach them.


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