The most important feature of pastoral music is freedom -the shepherd-musician who guarding his flock adapts to the circumstances . Similarly, Joszko Broda's concert every time is a completely different event. Always, however, is an attempt to establish a relationship with the audience, the exchange of ideas and looks, desire for answers - through music – on the expectations of the audience.This only works with the people who actually have something to give to others and for which the scene is the most appropriate place. Joszko certainly belongs to them, and although at the scene is just him and his instruments behind it centuries of family tradition of playing the pastoral instruments, combined with the passion, talent and experience on stage .Joszko Broda's solo concerts gather and keep in suspense from beginning to end many listeners.

Musician on stage accompanied by the unique instrumentation: leaves, straw, reed, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, stone and clay ocarinas, harp, sheep shofar, shofar of antelope various folk pipes (fasting, sałaska's, single), wooden shepherd's horn, nearly four-meter trembita and others.

Although the main inspirations for Joszka is Beskids cultural heritage, its content goes far beyond the concept of concert of traditional highland music, the Word Miusic.




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