In the 12th century ancestors of Brodas settled in the Silesian Beskids in Lipowiec. Joszko was born here in Istebna and Joseph Beard, his father and first teacher, introduced him to the world of highland music and culture.

Concerts with his father is very important and powerful event for Joszko, there is a meeting people who have a deep personal relationships, but also remarkable artistic relationships.

Joszko played the first concert at the age of four years. Soon after, he took part in the first recordings. Musical traditions in the family, it's not only cultivate by Joszko Broda and his father, but also his sister Kate and the youngest generation of the family – Joszko's younger sons, who are increasingly appearing on the scene.

During the concert, tere are themes and songs from the Beskids, mainly Trójwsi (Koniakow, Istebna, Jaworzynka). Many of these topics have been discovered and rescued from oblivion by Joseph and Joszko Broda.

Performers on stage accompanied by unique instruments, consisting primarily of archaic, pastoral instruments. These are: leaf, straw, reed, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp, sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, stone and clay ocarinas, harp, sheep shofar, shofar of antelope various folk pipes (fasting, sałaska's, single), wooden shepherd's horn, nearly four-meter trembita and others.

The concert is a testament to the beauty of Carpathians music, shows unique rhythms and melody. It is a unique artistic event, which occurred through experience, virtuosity and musical imagination and strong ties linking the performers. The artists on stage is 800 years of Broda's family history in Cieszyn Silesia . These roots are strongly reflected in the unusual event of art.



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