Joszko Broda Open is an event that shows the diversity, richness and strength of ethnic music, which combined with modern jazz sounds of guitar, double bass and bass guitar, extracted by excellent musicians, creates an unusual effect, providing unforgettable aesthetic experience. As the name suggests, Joszko Broda Open is an open project - the musicians in various genres and styles of music, and most of all the audience and its expectations.

"Open" also means live music Joszko different musical compositions, from duo, trio and quartet by up to thirty person band. To participate in this event Joszko invited artists for whom ethnic music is an inspiration and a challenge.These excellent groups are : Michal Baranski, Dima Gorelik, Joachim Mencel, Martin Pospiech, Janusz Grzywacz, Adam Umbel, Frank Parker, John Trebunia-Tutka and less known, but no less delicious, Highlander singing voices performers from the White Beskids.

The concert is also an opportunity to see and hear unusual Joszko Broda's instruments Joszko Broda , which include: leaves, straw, reed, various folk pipes (fasting, sałaska's, single), wooden shepherd's horn. Admires the nearly four-meter trembita . Even more exotic sound name of the instruments : gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, stone and clay ocarinas, harp, sheep shofar, shofar of antelope.It is eaven hardly to say the names, and even harder to imagine the look and sound of these instruments. A unique opportunity to see live these unique works of human hands, is a Joszko Broda Open concert.

Songs performed during the concert is primarily the development of ethnic and cultural themes of the Carpathians, particular the Silesian Beskids, the area of diffusion of many cultures: Polish, Moravian, Hungarian, Czech, Slovak, Jewish, Gypsy, German. This is region with a difficult history, since (as part of Cieszyn Silesia) was more than 600 years outside Polish borders. It is a place where Joszko grew up and began his musical journey, which in 1993 led him to a meeting with Wojciech Waglewski and band Voo Voo. The meeting has led the creation of the first project combining orthodox folk music with modern sounds - Voo Voo and mountaineers. In some way the result of this meeting is the project Joszko Beard Open.




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