Lenting songs

Fasting pipe- a wooden flute with only one hole - is present in the culture of the Carpathian Mountains. It owes its name to a specific privilege, which entitled it - it was the only instrument that can be used during Lent.

Highlanders customs , also the music is strongly associated with the changes of the seasons, and the liturgical calendar. Lenten Joszko Broda concerts , raised and rooted in this culture, carry the spirit of this special time before Easter, and allow the audience to experience the deep emotions associated with it.

Artists appearing on the stage is not only Joszko and Joseph Broda, but the also chorus of Istebna hyrax. During the concert, in addition to Lent pipe is sałaska's, one-, five-and the new six hole pipe, and other archaic instruments: leaves, straw, reed, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, stone and clay ocarinas, harp, sheep shofar, shofar of antelope various folk pipes (fasting, sałaska's, single), wooden shepherd's horn, nearly four-meter trembita and others.

During the Lenten concerts songs from the Beskids are performed , and those known in Poland. In 2000 came the release of "Almsgiving fasting", which gives a foretaste of the Lenten concert.


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