Christmas Carols

Singing Christmas carols is a beautiful and still living tradition. Although many of them have been created by prominent composers, they are derived from folk culture. Opportunity to learn about the original folk carols is Joszko Broda's concert.

The concert, "Carols with Beard" is a meeting with a culture in which Joszko Broda grew up . On stage there are authentic carolers of Beskids snow covered with snow , where Christmas traditions and rituals are cultivated for generations. Small children holding twigs adorned and perform "połaźniczki" -Christmas poems, lead joking shepherds to the stable, at the end of the Magi sing their story and adore new born Jesus . There is also a time for singing. The concert is varied unusual, archaic instruments - jew's-harp, animal horns, trombita almost four meters in length, sałaska's pipe, ocarina, leaf, straw, reed, Gajda - accompanying mountain shepherds, and also carol sining , for many centuries.Performance of group of highlanders with artists from other regions and ethnic sounds are combined with a more meodern and jazz performance.

All the carols were created in homage to the newborn Christ. However, in every region of the habit of carolling is different, the songs lyrics are different , melody. Joszko, since 1997 associated with Lublin and the surrounding area, has created a remarkable album of Christmas carols in the region. You can also hear them during the concert, "The Danube River . Carols from the East" by “Kids with Beard”.

The newly discovered carols sung on the album "The Danube River. Carols from the East ", is certainly a jewel in the Polish cultural heritage. The album not only surrounded by the atmosphere of Christmas, but the Christmas musical and cultural heritage. The concert is also a chance to find the source of inspiration at Christmas time in the often abandoned, underrated and forgotten folk culture.

Lublin Christmas carols performed by “Kids with Beard” is an amazing event. Odd, seemingly exotic, rhythmic subdivisions and folk tunes played by jazz musicians have been discovered by the children's voices. The concert is a fusion of modern sounds with ethnic overtones.

Carols are sung by children, with accompaniment of Joszko Broda's instruments, as well as guitars, bass guitar, drums, accordion and piano.There are folk artists sining with them, including artist born in the nineteenth century. It's possible thanks to researchers from UMCS University, who gathered and prepared video footage of Lublin carols - now presented during the concert.

Joszko Broda's work and research has been recognized in Lublin, among others Polish Television. Material from the album “The Danube River. Carols from the East "was also made during the live broadcast concert, which took place on January 2 2011 in Concert Studio of Polish Radio Witold Lutoslawski, Warsaw.


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