Joszko Broda

Polish musician, multi-instrumentalist, record producer and composer,

Debora Broda's husband, the father of eight children

He was born in 1972, in Istebna, a village located in the Silesian Beskids. From an early age, observing the masters of root music : his father - Joseph Broda, musician from Beskidy John Sikora "Gajdosza", gaining a unique workshop on numerous folk instruments (including harp, ocarina, Lent pipe, horns, sheperd's fipple flute, trembita, violin, gaidas, as well as such unusual instruments, like a leaf, straw and reeds). As the age of four, he began touring with his father in Poland and abroad. Today, it is difficult to count the number of concerts played by Joszko, completed the tour, co-created projects and bands, conducted art workshops for children and young people, given disc awards. His artistic success is due not only Joszko's musical talent and the enormous effort involved in improving their capabilities, but also its origin, the culture in which he grew up. Root Music , which was founded in the cultural circle of the Carpathian Mountains, and is a natural source of inspiration is still beating in Joszko Broda's heart.

Career and business

Year 1993, namely Euro Folk Festival in Sanok, was a breakthrough in the musical career Joszka which he was awarded winning in almost all categories and distinguished Grand Prix. After this success, a musician from Istebna immediately began working with many respected artists and people associated with the musical environment: Wojciech Ossowski, editor of Radio Three, Wojciech Waglewski - Voo Voo band leader ( Voo Voo and Joszko concerts in 1993-1995 "Paid" album). The group of artists working with Joszko's and also Pospieszalscy's family, the band One Two Three, Antonina Krzysztoń, Anna Maria Jopek, Grazyna Auguscik, Janusz Grzywacz, Joachim Mencel, Robert Friedrich, Adam Umbel, Dima Gorelik, Michal Baranski, Frank Parker and Hungarian musicians from Teka and Muzsikas.

Joszko participated in numerous studio recordings in many European cultural institutions. The result of these recordings include CD: "Beskydy", published by the Polish Radio in the series "Sources Music " (1997), and "Pologne", released by the French label at the prestigious Radio OCOR series documenting folk music from around the world. The artist contributed to the endearing pieces of film music - by working alongside director Leszek Gałysza animation and film music composers. Of these, the most appreciates the cooperation with Michał Lorenc, in which the music was successful and awarded at film festivals.

Noteworthy is a long-term Joszko Broda artistic friendship with world-renowned illustrator and sculptor, Joseph Wilkoń. The fruit of friendship were a number of exhibitions (at the Grand Theatre in Warsaw, in Zachęta, but also in Rome and Munich), which Joszko enriched live music. The work of both artists is the perfect complement - both draw inspiration from similar sources. Joszko had the honor to make music for the concert (which was attended by Martin Pospiech, Joachim Mencel, Tomasz Stanko, Jan Gaca, Joseph Pańczak) dedicated to Joseph Wilkon at the presentation of his award "Golden Rod" in 2010.

In 1996, Joszko participated in recording of "Come" and become a member of the rock band 2Tm2, 3, founded by Robert Friedrich, Thomas Budzynski and Darius Malejonka. Since 1999, he recorded with the Ark of Noah, and toured with the band in various locations Polish and the world, including the Vatican - he played for the Pope John Paul II during a private audience in the Paul VI Hall.

Since 1998, the artist began to pursue their own musical productions, which include: "Fasting Almsgiving" - album of 2000, recorded in the Dominicans Basilica in Lublin, the Polish-Hungarian album "Listen companions" (2004), occupying a significant place in the genre of World Music, as well as the achievements of “Kids with Beard” - children's band created together with his wife, Debora, who is a songwriter and music producer as well as director of music videos. Activity Joszko, Debora, and their band - albums: "That's a shock!" (2002), "Halo halo Kids of Europe" (2003), "Be prepared" (2004), "The Danube River. Carols from the East "(2007)," Creatures crawl out of the hole "(2009) – their work also collects positive reviews for the care of the education young generation in the spirit of patriotism and for the invaluable contribution to the preservation of Polish cultural heritage.

What's more, Joszko used his skills and teaching experience and has completed over 150 workshops copyrights used by many institutions in the country and abroad, bringing together children and youth. The inspiration for organizing the workshop was to include belief that music is a way of understanding among people of all ages.

In 2011, in Madrid, of Family Day (Day of the Christian Family), Joszko played a concert for 750 000 people. For his work, Joszko Broda was awarded the Gold Cross of Merit of the Polish Republic.

Selected discography

  • 2000 "Almsgiving fasting" Joszko Broda and Joseph Broda
  • 2002 "That's a shock!" Kids with Beard
  • 2003 "Halo Halo" Kids with Beard
  • 2004 "Listen companions" Joszko Broda
  • 2004 "Be prepared" Kids with Beard
  • 2008 "The Danube River. Carols from the East" Joszko Broda and children from the villages of Lublin
  • 2009 "Creatures crawl out of the hole," Kids with Beard

  • 2000 "Pretty Lady" Kids with Beard
  • 2001 "Zebra on the road," Kids with Beard
  • 2003 "Share" Kids with Beard
  • 2006 "Benedetto" Kids with Beard
  • 2010 "Road to Heaven" Kids with Beard - a song released in the Little Sunday Visitor
  • "Life is waiting," Kids with Beard - Hymn of The Big Families Association 3+

In 2Tm2, 3, and Noah's Ark bands:
2Tm2, 3:
  • 1997 "Come"
  • 1999 "2Tm2, 3"
  • 2000 "Passover 2000"
  • 2000 "Passover 2000 Tour"
  • 2006 "888"
Noah's Ark:
  • 2000 "A gu gu"
  • 2000 "Songs and Carols live"
  • 2001 "Mom Dad I'm two'
  • 2001 "Born again,evil trembles"
  • 2002 "Hip hip hooray Hallelujah!"
  • 2003 "Let's be friends"
  • 2005 "From morning to night"
  • 2008 "Santo Subito, that's something"
  • 2009 "Christmas Carols"

Book series and compilations of world music:
  • 1996 "Pologne" OCOR Radio France
  • 1997 "Beskydy" - "Music Sources" Polish Radio
  • 2012 "Wagli's mangle. Two CDs of music from Waglewscy"

As a guest:
  • 1994 "Paid" Voo Voo
  • 1995 "Herself " Justyna Steczkowska (single)
  • 1996 "When the day comes," Antonina Krzysztoń
  • 1997 "But I am," Anna Maria Jopek
  • 1997 "Symphony of ..." Joseph Broda
  • 1997 "My Jesus" Deus Meus
  • 1998 "Every moment" Antonina Krzysztoń
  • 1998 "Black on White" Mietek Szczesniak
  • 1998 "Not a miracle " One Two Three
  • 1999 "Eight Beatitudes " different artist (single)
  • 1999 "Clairaudience" Anna Maria Jopek
  • 1999 "Personal Music" Janusz Grzywacz
  • 1999 "Holy Father - Maśniaki" Band Maśniaków
  • 2000 "Calling" Antonina Krzysztoń
  • 2000 “Cries and tears "by Wojciech Kilar, and Anna Maria Jopek (single)
  • 2001 "Carol of good people will" Pospieszalscy
  • 2002 "Kilohertz straight to hearts " Golec uOrkiestra
  • 2006 "Reggaemova" Maleo Reggae Rockers
  • 2010 "Otherwise " One Two Three

film and theater music:
  • 1993 "Angels" music
  • 1993 "Every valley shall be lifted," perform music, music study with Joseph Broda
  • 1994 - 1996 "Movie under the terrible title " music performance, music (music by John Pospieszalski), The song "Lanterns" music 1997 "Bulber" 1 episode "Bukolandii" performance of music (music by John Pospieszalski)
  • 1996 "Portrait of a Lady" perform music in the song "Cries and tears" (music by Wojciech Kilar)
  • 1997 "Happy New York" performance of music in the song: "I'm coming straight from my culture" and "Flute Panek" (music by Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 1998 "Birdy" Entertainment Theatre in Chorzów performance of music (music by Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 1998 "Spona" - music and performed the song "Tyniok"
  • 1998 "War by Goya's Demons' performance of music (music by Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 1998 "Project X" music (along with Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 1999 "The greatest argument" (fairy Leszek Kolakowski) performance of music (music by Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 1999 "Reverse mountain or Movie under the terrible title" performance of music (music by John Pospieszalski)
  • 2003 "Shared flight" co music, music performance (music by John Pospieszalski)
  • 2004 "Twelve months" in "Polish fairy tales and" performance of music (music by Martin Pospieszalski)
  • 2006 "Catastrophe" 3 episode "Bukolandii" performance of music (music by John Pospieszalski)
  • 2005 "Turydlaki" 2 episode "Bukolandii" performance of music (music by John Pospieszalski)
  • 2007 "Everything will be fine" performance of music (music by Michal Lorenc)
  • 2007 "Strawberry Wine" performance of music (music Michał Lorenc)
  • 2009 "Peace in the soul" music performance (music Michał Lorenc)