2013 - Joszko Broda "Debora"

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2009 - Creatures crawl out of the hole

Can children be familiar with the essence of life and death? Is their "small" daily problems are as difficult as those of the adult world? Is it worth to look into childhood fears, but also humor and energy? Loud, bold "YES" you will hear on the albumJoszko Broda band “Kids with Beard”.

The album "Creatures crawl out of the hole" is part of the kids trend music , but its playful and swinging melodies make us listen to them a little longer , they give a lot to think an adult audience. After the first few bars of the title track, it becomes clear that we have a puck that their recipients are treated seriously and, most importantly, with the idea.

Joszko Broda invited Polish musicians - Wojciech Waglewski (guitar), Arkadiusz Skolik (drums), Cezary Paciorek (accordion) and Hungarian Szabolcs Roka ( bagpipe) and the German Loka Richter (bass). There were also Joszko's ethnic instruments . Children's spontaneous singing with lively music can grab to dance to the rhythm of folk dancing, Mazurek, Krakowiak, tango, polka and waltz. And when you need a sweet harmony and warm words that we hear when we fall asleep – here you are, it helps eaven with the biggest troublemaker.

Just as the kids know how to sing , the musicians know how to play music, Debora Broda once again showed that she know how to write lyrics . This is what she has always been associated with- the world of children, she wrote all the words and the melody of some of the songs. A master of poetry for children sneaks into the prose of life. Among the stories, not-idylls, we do not find "lamb" but "completely wild and unnamed" monsters. All ends well, because "Ninety-nine / It's still not a hundred / Do not be afraid! / The evil has not overcome world ." Joszko Broda points out in an interview for "La Salette": "We wanted to show the direction of a healthy society in which the child needs parents, siblings, in which boys and girls are different and have a different role to play in life, in which the children are doing mess, clean up, and then listen to lullabies, in which a person is convinced that after death the Heaven is waiting for him."

The fifth album “Kids with Beard” is a wonderful combination of deep communication with childlike insouciance and madness, music inspired by the mature folk, rock, jazz with the text understandable for everyone. A great fun or an excuse for a serious talk with the children who just as we, the adults, want to embrace the "land that is not in your head."


  1. Creatures crawl out of the hole
  2. My story
  3. The world created is so
  4. Freedom
  5. Expedition
  6. As it happens
  7. Bat
  8. Frodo
  9. Pigment
  10. 99
  11. Ten rules for decent mess
  12. I can not sleep

2008 - The Danube River. Carols from the East

The fourth album “Kids with Beard” is a unique event. Preceded by a recording audition, which was attended by 12 000 children in the Lublin region. For outstanding musicians playing instruments - Wojciech Waglewski (guitar), Marcin Pospiech (double bass, bass guitar), Piotr "Foot" Żyżelewicz (drums), Cezary Paciorek (accordion) and Hungarian Szabolcs Roca (traditional bagpipe). But most important, the album is a co-operation between musicians and scientists - is the first event of its kind in the history of Polish music.

The CD contains songs, carols and carol singers taken from the archives of ethnolinguistic division of UMCS University.There are the authentic performance of Christmas carols (sung by citizans of Lublin born in the 19th century!) and their modern arrangements, performed by children (including residents of Lublin, but the youngest generation) under the direction of Joszko Broda. In the words of Professor Jerzy Bartmiński, a prominent linguist and folklorist, who helped to make the album: "This is a document of traditional regional singing and recording of new versions -the cultural heritage of Lublin. Young performers return to the traditions of their local patriotism and together try to save from oblivion uniqe extremely valuable Polish repertoire of music and songs."

During the concert in Polish Radio the Studio CD was premiered - the live concert was broadcast by Polish Radio.


  1. On the green meadow, wheat valley
    • listen to song in Joszko Broda's interior
    • listen to archive version of the track
  2. Mary by the window
    • listen to song in Joszko Broda's interior
    • listen to archive version of the track
  3. Black cloud near the wood
  4. Our Lady was walking around the world
    • listen to song in Joszko Broda's interior
    • listen to archive version of the track
  5. About Joseph - What do you want?
  6. The Danube River, Nataly carying the water,the Danube River
  7. The apple tree in the garden
    • listen to song in Joszko Broda's interior
    • listen to archive version of the track
  8. Hey hey, lily, Virgin Mary
  9. Where were you, John, lily?
  10. And whom is this new green one
    • listen to song in Joszko Broda's interior
    • listen to archive version of the track
  11. New evening, generous evening
  12. Rejoice people, already you will be well
  13. Litlle lime-tree
  14. Come out, come out, Mr. Landlord
  15. Congratulations for you
  16. I am the generous one
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    • listen to archive version of the track
  17. – 32. Archival Recordings

2004 - Be prepared!

At the request of the Warsaw Uprising Museum an album "Be prepared" was recorded . The album contains songs from the World War II and the Warsaw occupation period. “Kids with Beard “ with the support of Wojciech Waglewski, Marcin Pospieszalski, Piotr "Foot" Żyżelewicz, Cezary Paciorek and String Quartet “Square” performs 10 songs well known to the older and younger polish generations - who does not know and does not hum to the "Heart in a backpack", "Axes, hoes" or "Palace of Michal "?

The melodies and words are beautiful testimony of people who were able to enjoy every simple thing, despite an uncertain future, and the evil of the war around them . The album "Be prepared" is a modern version of the original songs of these few decades. Drums are interwoven with Jewish melodies, strings straight from the country music , the rhythms of rumba and cha-cha are combined with traditional melodies . All this gives the songs a new character, and still there is no doubt that these are the same songs. The album is testimony to the fact that you can record patriotic material without pathos, without adding another brick to the "wall of our pain." Songs in the new arrangement, sung joyfuly and in children's pure voices are beautiful tribute to the participants of the uprising.


  1. Heart in your backpack
  2. Palace of Michal
  3. Oh, Warsaw of mine
  4. Ax, hoe
  5. On the first of September
  6. Nurse Maggie
  7. Warsaw children
  8. The Song of Warsaw
  9. Song of the night
  10. One September's night

2004 - Listen companions!

"Listen companions!" - World Music album - is another Joszko Broda's album (recorded in 2002 and released in 2004), which is a testament to the beauty of Carpathians root music.

Exept Joszko, who plays the four-meter trembita, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple fluteharp, horns and many other folk instruments and also sings on the album there are the leading representatives of the Carpathian folk music, Polish and Hungarian, which Joszko invited to play with: the father, Joseph Beard (vocals, leaf), sister Katarzyna Broda-Firle (vocals), musician from the Muzsikas band-Péter Ériego (the three-viola), musician from the Teka band - Pál Havasrétiego (vocals, bass, three-stringed, gardon, hurdy-gurdy), Kálmán Balogh (Hungarian dulcimer), and others.

Joszko reached into the musical themes of the Beskids to show the musical richness of the region. Cieszyn's Silesia , the borderline area is the place of coexistence of many cultures. Specific music that originated in this region, is the result of merging of various influences. Hungarians, Poles, Slovaks, Czechs and Roma can be considered as stemming from their traditions.

"Listen companions!" is the music played and sung from the heart. Exotic to the Poles utogordon and jew's-harp in the exhilarating song "Drumla" ,four-meter mountain trombita combined with singing, sheperd's fipple fluteharp of Polish and Slovak border, leaf, on which you can play like on the soprano saxophone, three-Hungarian viola bass give this record the original sound.

The album ( an elegant edition for connoisseurs - digipack - with an interesting booklet) was released with the help of the Hungarian Cultural Institute in Warsaw and the Polish Cultural Institute in Budapest.

"As an experienced music I can assure you that the work on this album is of the highest quality. (...) It was created a really great music, as in the full presence of mind certify ".
Wojciech Waglewski (musician, composer and founder of the band Voo Voo)

"This unique world of sound fused together all the values from Paris to Central Asia, from the Balkans to the Baltic Sea, and its depth reaches historic nomadic pastoralists sounds to contemporary music."
Ferenc Kiss (ethnomusicologist, musician, founder of the Folk Music Publishing and the People's ETNOFON)


  1. Valley, the valley
  2. Listen companions!
  3. Linder - dance
  4. Near the lake, hoja Hey, hoja, black eayed Hanna
  5. Roar of valley
  6. Horses in court
  7. Łowcior gruniym goes
  8. Let's go, to the court
  9. Jew's-harp
  10. Walking girl, Jetlinka in the forest
  11. Lea, lea Green, Katy went for herbs
  12. My horse Branny
  13. Whos those horse in the yard?
  14. Husar na szinku
  15. Wedding
  16. Go to sleep
  17. Husar at the pub

2003 - Halo Halo Kids of Europe

music: Joszko Broda, lyrics: Debora Broda

One record, but sung in eleven languages , inspired by the melodies of diferent parts of the Europe. No matter if it's in Spanish flamenco rhythms or in French with accompaniment of accordion or cymbals with Hungarian dance - regardless of the "country of origin" every song draws attention to the need of kindness and describes the priceless beauty of friendship, which is not afraid of borders , including those political.

“Kids with Beard” are supported by their friends from different parts of the world. This pulsating energy and joyfuly spontaneity of the album is due to the meeting of outstanding Polish and Hungarian musicians - multi-instrumentalist Joszko Broda, guitarist Wojciech Waglewski, flamenco guitarist Andrzej Lewocki, Pál Havasréti bassist, violist György Lanyi, cymbalist Kálmán Gáspár. The special guest "Halo Halo Kids of Europe" is Stanisław Stępniak , the master of folc dancing , who played on the Polish harmony . He added a unique taste of ethnic music to this album. There are music videos for two songs - "Hello, hello," and "Hey andi ruku '. The second one, directed by Marcin Świtalski, won first prize at the Festival of Polish Music Video Yach Film 2004 in the Little Yach category .


  1. Kalimera
  2. Jaj de jo
  3. How do you do
  4. C'est la vie
  5. Hej ruku andi
  6. I'll find you
  7. From mesta to mesta
  8. Gib mir deine Hand
  9. Halo Halo
  10. Small ode
  11. Ahoj
  12. Viva viva l'allegria
  13. Amigo mi Amigo

2002 - That's a shock!

music: Joszko Broda, Deborah Broda; words: Debora Broda

The debut album “Kids of Beard” contains sixteen songs that were created during the on-air shows in kids' program caled “Grain”. All the songs touch the heart of Christian joy, hope and love. Songs are aimed for children of all ages -to younger kids appeal those with simple text and catchy melodies , while different carry the message can be readed by older children.

On the album, there are children and Joszko and known singers : Kayah, who sings about black sheep which goes wrong direction, Darek Malejonka vocals in upbeat song "Who will help us?" ,Antonina Krzysztoń poignant voice in the "What have you done." There were also outstanding musicians such as Marcin Pospiech, Piotr Płecha, Janusz "Yanina" Iwanski, Marcin Majerczyk, Piotrr "Foot" Żyżelewicz, highlanders of the Polish and the Slovak Republic. CD mixes ethnic Joszko's instruments with the guitar, violin, accordion, bass and double bass, Hungarian dulcimer. This gives whole the harmony of unique folk character. Visualization of great music and important content were filmed (in the Silesian Beskids - native Joszko ) There are three music videos directed by Adam Sikora: "Heaven", "Creation" (included on the album "That's a shock!") and "Full House ".


  1. Creation
  2. Sheep
  3. A new day
  4. Haven
  5. Playing and singing
  6. That's a shock!
  7. Mother
  8. Ho-Ho-Hosanna
  9. Guardian angel
  10. There is no death
  11. What have you done
  12. Who will help us?
  13. Full House
  14. Noah's ark
  15. Fruits
  16. Who is free

2000 - Almsgiving Fasting

" Almsgiving Fasting" is the music played and sung by the father and son. Joseph Broda, who has been the author of highland folk music for forty years , gave his passion and love to his son Joszko. The album, which is their next joint venture, contains music that runs in their veins, root music , which comes from Silesian Beskids , where the Broda's family lives since the 12th century.

Songs sung a capella are completed by ethnic instruments: four-meter trembita, gaidas, pipes, ocarina, mouth harp ,sheperd's fipple flute, shofar and fasting pipe, which in the culture of the Carpathians was the only instrument which you can play on during the Lent.

The album is a reference to the Joszko and Joseph's roots –Beskids' music roots. But also here we find our true roots: Jesus and Israel. The album talks about the God Father's drama looking at the crucified Son. Who is better to deliver a story then just the father and the son?

The music was recorded in the Dominicans Basilica in Lublin. Beautifully released album, with pictures of the Mount of Beatitudes, the Wailing Wall, panels and ceiling of Nazareth synagogue, was dedicated to John Paul II as an expression of gratitude for the meeting on the Mount of Beatitudes in March 2000.


  1. "... to proclaim the year of the Lord"
  2. God, God the Great
  3. God loves his little children
  4. Thanks Christ the Lord
  5. Nice Lord Jesus Christ
  6. Temptation
  7. Oh, if you just dear highlander...
  8. Valediction of the Lord
  9. Sacred Head night
  10. The One for us, suffered wounds
  11. Father, into your hands I commit my spirit!
  12. Holy God, Holy Mighty One
  13. Death has been defeated